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Vision Works Cameras

Midwest Safety & Surveillance a division of Binwacker, Inc. is excited to provide Vision Works products for your family and farm.  Here is their testimony...Vision Works was born out of our own frustration to find a high quality equipment camera system at an affordable price.  On our family farm in Oregon, we saw the value of having cameras on heavy equipment.  Equipment cameras increase both safety and productivity, and we knew there had to be a way to offer a premium camera at an affordable price. After testing a variety of cameras, we started offering a premium selection of cameras to the Ag industry.  Fast forward 11 years later, and we now are selling cameras through a dealer network in multiple industries.  


All Surveillance video resolution is measured in terms of broadcast TV lines (TVL), as viewed on a monitor screen. All of our cameras have a 700 TVL resolution rating. Compare that to the other cameras in the industry, and you will find that our cameras will provide you a crisp and clear image for your application.


All Cameras receive an IP rating or code based on the International Electrotechnical Commission's (IEC) standards.  The rating is essentially a classification process that rates the degree of protection offered from the camera in regards to any intrusion by solid and/or liquid matter.  All of our cameras are submersion tested and receive an IP68 rating or higher, which essentially ensures that our cameras are protected from total dust ingress and are protected against long term immersion up to a specified pressure.


Please do your research and compare our price to the industry.  We are confident that you will find that our cameras are the best priced camera systems in the industry.