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C. W. Birky

Faith Encouragement - Life: A Glimpse from God

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God has given me lots of opportunities to trust and rely on him over the course of my journey.  This book is a collection of life thoughts and skills that God used to help me cope with life situations.  It is my desire that it help you face the obstacles you face on your journey and be able to trust and rely on the God that made you and loves you.  We all have "tools" that we are comfortable with because we have used them for a long time, but are they the right tool.  I found in my life sometimes I am using a sledge hammer to hang trim figuratively speaking.  When we pick up new tools that are right for the job it is really hard and uncomfortable, but over time, it is the best way to learn how to allow God to help us cope with life.  This collection is just a glimpse of a few coping mechanisms (tools) that have helped me.  It is by no means the end all, cure all for all of life, but a simple look at apply God's word to our lives.

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